Fair Usage Policy


Our fair usage policy is to ensure that incorrect or excessive usage does not affect your or other customers' experience on the managed service.

We recognise that the number of documents generated and the amount of storage required varies each month. For this reason, we try to be as flexible as possible, the limits are approximate and not set in stone.

We have a fair usage policy of 1,000 variable documents and 20,000 data merge records per month.

We allocate 50 GB of file storage per deployment and an additional 10 GB for the database.

There are currently no limitations on traffic or bandwidth.

Please note, any contractual limits shall supersede those set out in this fair usage policy.

You can view your current usage by logging into your deployment.

This policy has been unchanged for over 5 years, but we reserve the right to modify it if we notice excessive usage by a particular customer.

We may require you to move onto a more suitable plan if your usage consistently exceeds the limits set out in this policy.